We can trace our roots back to 1870 - Right now, you have nearly 150 years of experience at your fingertips!



We guarantee peace of mind... LITERALLY! All our products have manufacturers guarantees ranging from 12 months to 10 years! Some of the garden furniture ranges can be left outside uncovered for 10 years and they remain under guarantee!! If suppliers can guarantee their products for 10 years, how long could they truly last? Some garden rattan ranges require no maintenance at all other than cleaning, other items such as teak tables need a little more attention but covers are available for all garden ranges which can only prolong the life of your investment.

Guarantee information is listed on most product pages but more details are available on request. Contact Us if you would like more information.




Check out our social media pages on the links below to keep abreast of new launches and see pictures sent in by many happy JB customers.

You can buy online from JB with absolute confidence but we always encourage a visit to one of our stores to see what else we have on offer. Our ranges are changing all the time in line with current trends and seldom do customers not find what they are looking for.

There are over 100 ranges on display in our Wakefield & Newcastle showrooms all year round!

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