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5 Garden Trends To Follow in 2021

5 Garden Trends To Follow in 2021

We've identified 5 essential garden trends to follow in 2021. These curated ideas and tips have a healing theme because the therapeutic qualities of outside space will be a vital antidote to our continuing Covid-led experiences. Whatever the coming year holds for you, we're here to help you take advantage of the latest garden trends for your outdoor space.


1. Inside Outside Space Is The Garden Trend To Follow in 2021

Blurring the boundaries between your indoor and outdoor living space is set to come into its own in 2021 as we all continue to experiment with our work life balance. 2021's home and garden trends are all about adopting key themes - eating, working, relaxing - and making them work for you:


Outdoor Kitchen Diner

Not so long ago, eating outside - let alone cooking - was a rare occurrence in the British summer calendar. We're made of stronger stuff these days! Whether your thing is full-on barbecue or a modest pizza oven, creating your own outdoor kitchen diner no longer depends on daylight, let alone the sun. The range of firepits and outdoor heating available means any excuse to eat outside is a good one!


The Conservatory

The conservatory is that perfect inside outside space for when the temperature outside is either too cold, too warm, too bright or too dark. Rattan and cane are the materials of choice (see below), reflecting the light airy nature of this alternative space and offering you styles to reflect a modern feel or suit more traditional tastes.


Working In The Fresh Air

The garden trend of working in the fresh air is entirely possible if all you need is a table, chair and some shade. An amazing range of different size dining sets, work equally well, especially with the added protection of a parasol or garden umbrella.


2. The Best Garden Trends Come From Nature

The natural world played a vital role in our general wellbeing in 2020 and we welcome its continued presence in our lives, particularly through the use of materials such as rattan and cane. Comfortable, light and airy, rattan and cane are also extremely durable. Style-wise it's also very versatile, working well in spaces both inside and outside:


Conservatory And Garden Room Furniture

Calming, light and airy, the conservatory or garden room is how you take advantage of some very cool home and garden trends. Whether dining room or chill-out zone, rattan wicker is the material of choice to help you create the desired mood. Your furniture choices are wide - large or small dining setsswivel rockers or sumptuous seating ranges. The conservatory isn't a new garden trend but it's set to be an important one for 2021 allowing you to enjoy the comfortable and durable nature of cane and rattan.


Outdoor Dining Trends In 2021

As we mentioned earlier, eating outdoors is a garden trend that we really have got the hang of now in the UK. The relaxed, casual rattan dining sets we recommend offer great styling, comfortable seating and versatile layouts. Take Bramblecrest's Portofino Ceramic Square Firepit Set. Weatherproof and UV resistant, this is rattan to put you at one with your natural surroundings.


3. Natural Hues Or An Explosion Of Colour In 2021?

Current interior trends favour calm, neutral, and muted tones. However, we're seeing an understandable craving for bright colours. So our advice is not to worry about sticking to colour guides in garden trends - mix it up to suit yourself! The warm, earthy hues of your garden furniture can act as a backdrop to some vibrancy from Moroccan citrus, zig zag blue and chevron orange cushions and throws. 

The darker the furniture, the easier it is to add colour from table linen and garden art. If you missed your summer holiday by the sea last year, then replicate a coastal theme in your garden until you can see the real thing. Minimalistic sofas sets in greys with blue cushions, pillows or blankets, then add some nautical accessories such as seashells or driftwood art.

Finally, if it's a natural pop of colour you want (but without the gardening) take a look at some trellis screening.


4. Making The Most Of Tiny Outdoor Spaces

There's a lot you can do with a small garden or even just a balcony. Maybe a single Lloyd Loom or Shanghai rattan chair with some tall garden planters to help you create a mini plant nursery.

A secluded corner or courtyard is perfect for a moment of calm and a cup of coffee. Depending on the space and your style, armchair-based Bistro Sets or slender chair and table combos in garden weave or mesh are worth considering.


5. Comfort Is The Garden Trend That Matters Most

Outdoor furniture has embraced comfort in a big way. No need to settle for a short snooze outside when the range of day beds available means you can get some proper shut eye. And one of the most heart-warming emerging garden trends in 2020 for JB Furniture was the cocoon chair. It's popularity last year led to manufacturers, Bramblecrest, creating a triple hanging egg chair. (The single and dual egg chairs are still available too.)


Take Advantage Of Garden Trends In 2021 Now

Don't delay - use this guide to 2021's garden trends to help you prioritise your need for 'outdoor therapy' so you can enjoy some of the most stylish and high quality furniture and accessories available.


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