5 Ways To Embrace Bohemian Style Decor In Your Home

5 Ways To Embrace Bohemian Style Decor In Your Home

Embracing Bohemian style decor in your home is so easy because, by definition, it's all about rule-breaking. You create an exotic and unusual living space full of warmth and colour that's entirely personal to you. This is our guide to finding exactly the right 'BoHo' pieces to help you break the rules with your own eclectic look.


What is Bohemian Style Decor?

Bohemian decor is full of life and interest. The style references a counterculture that sprung up in France after the French Revolution in the 19th century. Decades later it was adopted in the 1960s and 1970s as a way of expressing a carefree and relaxed attitude to life. Its aesthetic style, favouring natural and metallic materials, earthy and fiery colours, is a glorious expression of the unconventional!


Bohemian Room Ideas

Use styles that would not necessarily go together - mix patterns and textures with lots of colour and organic influences. Statement pieces and flourishes will encourage your particular style to emerge. Your aim is to create interest while achieving a warm, inviting atmosphere.


Chaotic Harmony Through Colour

First find yourself a base colour to work with; your flooring or curtains for example could give you some brown or grey tones against which you create a sense of fun and exoticism. Layer dyed textiles and patterns by flinging retro-looking throws over your furniture. Then, add a real pop of colour to make your Bohemian decor start to work. Try some occasional seating - a raspberry pouffe for example. Or a velvet couch in dove grey.

Creating a riot of colour is the point but a neutral colour (including white) also has a place in the Bohemian room as a backdrop as well as achieving a sense of 'chaotic harmony'.


Use Your BoHo Seating To Encourage Visitors To Stay A While

It'll come as no surprise that Bohemian style embodies a 'more is more' philosophy. Being the exact opposite of modern and sleek minimalism it means, however, that your Scandi streamlined furniture won't really work as well as something more relaxed.


Rattan is ideal because it's light both in terms of weight and appearance. A chill out chair  to come across as carefree and a bit decadent, for example?


It's important to remember that laid back BoHo doesn't always have to mean 'horizontal'. A comfortable, more upright wing chair will fit in really well, especially if you accessorise it with a plush cushion or tasseled throw. This chair in either the black or natural colour will work with a Bohemian mood.


Carefully Chosen Accessories Complete The BoHo Look And Feel

Accessories are important finishing touches for any room but with BoHo home decor, you can really go wild. How about some wall art or maybe a chunky gold-framed mirror? The phrase "will it go?" is positively irrelevant - if it fits with your expressive BoHo style, it goes! 


The natural world is central to Bohemian style so don't just feature it on your soft furnishings, introduce it properly into your living space. Ferns and hanging plants, for example - they don't need a lot of care but they will literally add to the organic nature of your BoHo living room.


The one area where 'less is more' is lighting. It needs to be in keeping with your emerging BoHo style and help to unify the room. So, instead of bright, overhead light, locate BoHo-themed lamps around the room for an ambient and understated feel.


Don't Forget To Introduce A Bit Of Order...

Storage. I know, it seems to fly in the face of the relaxed vibe we're trying to create, doesn't it? However, be careful not to stray from ‘casual Bohemian’ into ‘untidy adolescent’. Introducing a small rattan sideboard that can display your vintage china as well as store a selection of cushions or throws can only enhance your look.


5 Ways To Discover Your Own Bohemian Style Decor

So in summary, here are our top 5 tips for creating a Bohemian style of living: 


1.) There are no rules and unconventional is just fine. A Bohemian style is a great way of pressing pause on our rather hectic lifestyle.

2.) More is more - don't hold back except maybe with the lighting. Otherwise, mix and match colours and textures as the mood takes you.

3.) Use nature and organic themes to achieve a sense of the exotic.

4.) BoHo is an inviting and relaxed vibe so rattan really is the best furniture choice.

5.) You'll need some BoHo 'threads' - unstructured floaty, flowery, free-spirited hippy-like clothes. 


At JB Furniture, we have a wide range of Bohemain style furniture both online and in our stores. If you’re seeking a specific product be sure to contact the team who will be able to assist you. 


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