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6 Garden Furniture Ideas For Small Gardens

6 Garden Furniture Ideas For Small Gardens

6 Garden Furniture Ideas For Small Gardens

Having an outdoor space to call your own is a luxury so it makes sense to enjoy it to the full. Even the tiniest garden can become a rich and relaxing sanctuary. You just have to decide what's most important to you – eating, lounging, quiet time, being sociable... So, we've assembled 6 small garden furniture ideas to help you decide how you want to take advantage of the warmer weather.


1. Bistro Dining Ideas For Small Gardens

We start our small guide to garden furniture for small spaces with bistro sets because eating outdoors is appealing to everyone. From elegant metal sets to the more traditional rattan weave, the choice is wide and very much dependent upon the mood you want to strike. There's definitely a desire for the chilled look - both in terms of shape and material such as relaxed 'satellite' shaped chairs in a string weave. Equally, the comfort of a traditional rattan lounger set is hard to resist. Add table linen and accessories to complete your chosen style.


2. Mirror Ideas For Small Gardens

Outdoor accessories will help you create a distinct style in your small garden. Some accessories, like mirrors, can even make your space seem larger without losing any of its charm or intimacy. It's an interior design trick to create an illusion of space simply by placing the mirror in a strategic position.


Try vintage or Crittall-windows style mirrors to reflect your surroundings and add character. If you can, position your mirror so that it reflects the beauty of your particular natural world.


3. Built-In Furniture For Small Gardens

A built-in, more permanent, fixture is another way of approaching garden furniture for small spaces. Such as a purpose-made wooden bench with underneath storage - just add a table. Or, a piece of slate to act as a table, to which you simply match chairs and store them away in winter. It means you can use a variety of materials to make a stark statement - concrete, stone or wood - which you can soften with cushions and balance with bold prints.


4. Small Outside Lounging Area Ideas

Whatever your priorities, creating a comfortable space is incredibly important, whether you are gathering with loved ones or seeking peace and quiet on your own. The right sized sofa or sun-lounger is perfect for a small garden, helping to bring the comfort of your living room right outside. Add cushions, rugs and side tables to complete the sensation.


5. An Egg Chair Is The Perfect Furniture For A Small Garden

No list of small garden furniture ideas is complete without a cocoon or hanging egg chair. It's fun, looks fabulous and the bigger versions will even seat more than one person. The ones with free standing frames give you the option of moving it indoors during the colder weather.


6. Lighting Ideas For Small Gardens

Finally, clever lighting can have a great effect in a small garden as well as visually enhancing your space. Create an atmosphere with upward-facing spotlights, cast shadows with solar torches or get light-hearted with fairy lights. Lanterns with candles, strategically placed round your seating area also work well in small areas.


There's Only One Rule For Choosing Furniture For Small Gardens

There's only one rule you should observe when deciding on the furniture for a small space: it should be inviting and comfortable enough to constantly beckon you outside to enjoy the open air wherever possible. Fun, comfy, funky, stylish, practical - it doesn't matter so long as you use it and enjoy it.


How can we help you furnish a small garden in time for summer 21?


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