Beat the 2022 price hike!

Beat The 2022 Price Hike!

Beat The 2022 Price Hike!

Beat The 2022 Price Hike!


Why garden furniture prices are rising

Since Covid ravaged what we perceived to be the ‘old normality’ retailers across the country have seen a massive increase in cost prices over and above the standard rise in raw materials. This is due mainly to a huge rise in shipping prices and freight costs. For garden furniture retailers this has meant that prices are more than double what they were in 2019! This has been a very difficult time for everyone, not least our retailers and the situation does not look likely to change anytime soon. Retailers can choose to pay huge surcharges or face zero stock availability - it’s as simple as that! The strongest will prevail but only if the end-user is willing to accept the situation and pay more for their goods.


Shipping Container Price Increases

The price for shipping containers has hit an all-time high, it is more than five times what it was this time last year! This has been caused by many factors, not least a huge shortage of shipping containers throughout the world and China has suffered more than anywhere else. Container ships are being held back at the docks creating massive shortages of space and delays at major ports which have caused havoc and reached unprecedented levels. Prices have soared over the last 18 months but recent months have seen dramatic hikes, no doubt due to Christmas demand being just around the corner. As the graph below shows, prices have gone through the roof and the retailer has had to pick up the tab, but they have to recoup it from somewhere.



Prices across several important trade lanes have tripled compared to last year, charter prices for container vessels have also seen similar price rises. There is little to no sign of relief in the short term, this means that rates will continue to increase. We don’t have the facilities in the UK to manufacture these kinds of goods which is why they have to be imported. As there are few alternatives to ocean freight it is next to impossible to avoid the price hikes. 


Stock Availability

As people have been unable to go abroad or are putting their holidays on hold they want to get the most out of their home and garden. People want to focus more and more on getting their outdoor space perfect for all seasons, so they can enjoy it throughout the year. This has led to a drastic increase in demand for garden furniture. Issues such as the Suez Canal blockage have caused large knock-on delays and hampered product availability. Many products are unavailable or face extensive delays As outdoor furniture is bulky we require a lot of containers to satisfy demand. 


To put the price rises into perspective, a container that used to cost £1,500 to get from the far East to the UK now costs in excess of £10,000... and no one can predict when these prices will go down! This increase in price has to be covered somewhere, hence the inevitable rise in retail prices moving forward. Whilst this problem is not exclusive to the garden furniture market, outdoor living has been a major casualty so the earlier you order your furniture, the cheaper it is likely to be!



Beat The Price Hike

JB Furniture strives to be the best. Best range, best service, best support and of course, best prices. Our customers come first. 2022 will see significant price increases, guaranteed, but you can beat the 2022 price hike!


Demand for outdoor furniture will continue to grow as we spend more time in our homes, we strongly advise you to get your orders in NOW and pay your deposit to lock in the current price. We will do everything we can to answer your queries or questions on the price rise so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions


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