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Brand Spotlight: A Guide To 4 Seasons Outdoor

Brand Spotlight: A Guide To 4 Seasons Outdoor

Brand Spotlight: A Guide To 4 Seasons Outdoor Furniture


We're proud stockists of 4 Seasons Outdoor furniture because they offer our customers the key 'luxury' features they seek: premium quality, comfort, beautiful design and excellent  weather resistance. Affectionately known as '4SO', the brand carefully balances 'wow' factor with dependability.

Here's our guide to this very fine luxury furniture:


A Brief Introduction To 4 Seasons Outdoor


Frits Wolf Jnr started the 4 Seasons Brand in 2003 having taken over his father's garden furniture shop in 1999. Based in Nijmegen, Holland, the brand considers outdoor furniture to be an investment, and consistently ranks as one of the very best in the market.

4 Seasons Outdoor uses a variety of materials in its sophisticated and elegant outdoor furniture. The result is a stunning and durable product range featuring chairs, tables, sunbeds and dining sets, all designed to improve your outdoor experience. 

With extensive guarantees available, 4 Seasons Outdoor lives up to its reputation for producing furniture that lasts for years.


4 Seasons Outdoor 4 Every Occasion


Outdoor furniture falls roughly into 2 categories, dining and lounging, because that's pretty much what we like to do outside! 4 Seasons Outdoor understands this perfectly. Dining can be casual or formal, for many or just two. Seating suits every need with sofas, chairs and benches, and modular units creating whatever shape and atmosphere you desire. 4SO also has some great ranges that embrace the trend for hybrid indoor-outdoor living.

When you buy 4 Season Outdoor furniture you're investing in a quality of life based around stunning design and carefully chosen materials:

Find furniture for two with the Outdoor Cottage Dali and the Brighton Victoria bistro sets

View indoor-outdoor ranges Luxor Six Seater Dining and the Outdoor Avila Sofa sets


Hularo Wicker


4 Season Outdoor wicker furniture is woven using Hularo, a recyclable, toxin-free resin that creates a durable, tear-proof and highly resistant polyethylene based synthetic fibre. They're so confident in the quality of this wicker that it's covered by a 10 year guarantee. 

We stock many examples of 4SO's Hularo wicker - for example, take a look at the Outdoor Denver Adjustable Square Casual set.




The rope garden furniture that 4 Seasons Outdoor produces is handwoven using techniques dating back to when the first rattan chairs were made in Cirebon, Indonesia. 4SO hand weaves its rope furniture and the craftsmanship is obvious on every single piece.

4SO's 'rope' is made of non-hazardous materials and can be fully recycled. The base material is polypropylene, to keep it taut and maintaining the right tension. Then the rope is covered in a UV resistant, colour-fast and water-repellent acrylic fabric that's also comfortable to the touch. Finally, the rope structure of all 4 Seasons Outdoor furniture comes with a 5 year guarantee.


Stainless Steel


Stainless steel is a luxurious material that's ideal for outdoor furniture because it's strong with just the right amount of flexibility. It's also perfect for modern and sophisticated designs. 4 Seasons Outdoor uses it in several of their collections, both as powder-coated tubing and brushed steel frames. 




Teak features widely in 4 Seasons Outdoor ranges because it looks fabulous, is tough and naturally resistant to moisture, light and heat. They use only high quality teak from sustainable sources certified by SVLK/TLAS. (The Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu/Timber Legality Assurance Standard was developed by the government of Indonesia to support the eradication of illegal logging and promote good forestry management.)

See the elegant teak table in the Santander Rope & Louvre Teak Dining set.


High Pressure Laminate


Like most high quality garden furniture suppliers, 4 Seasons Outdoor uses HPL (High Pressure Laminate) for its table tops. HPL consists of multiple layers of resin impregnated 'kraft' papers bonded together under heat and high pressure to form a single, high density sheet. The process creates a solid, weather and dirt resistant base. 

It looks as good as stone and ceramic but its light weight and easy maintenance makes it an ideal material for garden furniture, and 4SO uses it to great effect.

For a fine example of the stunning nature of HPL, see the table in this Goa Lisboa Six Seater Dining.


Why JB Furniture is a proud 4 Seasons stockist


In essence, 4SO gives us every reason to stock their high quality product range:

1.) Superb and distinctive design that focuses on comfort, looks and durability.
2.) Refreshing colours and thoughtful materials.
3.) Excellent customer service, including 5 and 10 year warranties.
4.) Great attention to detail through to aftersales and maintenance.

4 Seasons Outdoor is a brand that's been synonymous with luxury outdoor furniture for decades, and deservedly so. Check out 4 Seasons Outdoor for all the products we stock.


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