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How To Choose Rattan Garden Furniture

How To Choose Rattan Garden Furniture


High quality rattan garden furniture is flexible and durable, and adds a certain elegance and style to your outdoor space. There's quite a range of styles, shapes and sizes available so we've put together this guide to help you work through your options. Thinking about your needs first, will ensure you get the best for your particular setting this spring and summer.


What Is Rattan Garden Furniture?


First, some quick definitions: 'cane', 'rattan' and 'wicker' are all terms used to describe the same natural product grown in South East Asia. We use the term rattan for the furniture we stock - natural rattan for inside (eg conservatories) and synthetic rattan for outside.


We recommend high-quality UV resistant synthetic rattan for outside because you can rely on its durability. Together with lightweight powder-coated aluminium frames, you're all set to 'weather' the seasons with little maintenance required.


Just 3 Things To Consider When Buying Rattan Garden Furniture


How will you use your furniture? What kind of space do you have? What style will suit you best? These are key considerations when buying rattan garden furniture so let's consider them in turn:


1. How Will You Use Your Rattan Garden Furniture?


Well purely for enjoyment and to lift your spirits - naturally! But thinking ahead, are you planning some formal dining or will your outdoor activities revolve around relaxed meals with the family? (Basically, will the inset ice bucket or fire pit win the day?!)


Of course, modular sets with additional chairs and stools, as well as sofas, will help you cater for everyone. Choosing sets with adjustable tables means you can switch from proper meals to simple coffee or tea breaks.


If it's sprawling on a grand scale you're after, then go for a large corner garden sofa set and add a table as and when.


2. Rattan Garden Furniture To Suit Your Space


Having thought about how you want to use your rattan garden furniture, your next consideration is the kind of space it needs to fit. Do you have a large deck or patio area, or more of a secluded garden corner? Perhaps you're seeking furniture to fit a small courtyard.


The great thing about a lot of outdoor furniture sets is the different configurations you can achieve with the various stools, benches, chairs and sofas; from intimate corner combinations to adhoc groupings. The lightweight nature of rattan garden furniture means it's all easy to move around according to who you're entertaining and how.


3. Style Considerations When Buying Rattan Garden Furniture


Your final consideration is one of style, and though there isn't anywhere near the choice for inside your house, you can still create your own look. You can find boxy modern shapes, full or half rattan structure, in greys or neutral colours to contrast with or match your surroundings.  


Tables come in ceramic or glass topped (with tempered safety glass to avoid accidents). Finally, cushions, throws and, of course, your own tableware will ultimately turn your rattan garden furniture into the stylish and inviting environment you are seeking.


How To Look After Rattan Garden Furniture


Looking after your rattan garden furniture could not be easier. As we pointed out earlier, our furniture range is very low maintenance:


1. Wash Rattan Garden Furniture With Soap And Water


To help keep that as-new appearance we recommend washing the frames with soapy water. A pressure washer (be gentle!) will remove mildew or basic food and drink stains.


Rattan furniture that's UV tested will help protect it from direct sunlight though, inevitably, some fading will eventually occur. Powder-coated cast aluminium garden furniture is rust-free, easy to clean and can be left outside throughout the season. Any chips or scratches are easily touched-up with matching paint.


2. Shower-Proof Cushions


Outdoor furniture cushions are generally shower-proof so they can be left outside. Then occasionally freshen up the covers by washing them on a low temperature.


3. Custom-Made Garden Furniture Covers


Finally, custom-made garden covers will help preserve the appearance of your furniture, particularly during the winter months.


Where To Buy Rattan Garden Furniture


Here at JB Furniture we stock a very impressive range of rattan garden furniture from the leading brands. The following links will take you to examples of styles mentioned in the guide above. Visit online and in-3store but you'll need to hurry because spring is here and everyone seems to have the same idea about investing in rattan garden furniture.


The above guide discusses the following types of rattan garden furniture:



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