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How To Choose Your Patio Table Size

How To Choose Your Patio Table Size

Choosing The Right Patio Table Size

There's a bit more to choosing the right patio table size than simply getting out the tape measure. The 'right' patio table means first considering the shape and style you want. Then, you can think about what will fit nicely in your outdoor space.


Finding the right patio table can be a little overwhelming because there is so much choice out there. You certainly don't want to buy on impulse or because it looks like a bargain. If it doesn't do the job it's not really a bargain!


We've put this patio table size guide together to help you narrow down your choice, so you're fully prepared for shopping in-store or online at JB Furniture.


Which Shape Of Patio Table Should You Buy?

We advise customers to work with 3 criteria when choosing the right patio table size for their garden:


  • ●     How will you use your patio table?
  • ●     What kind of space do you have?
  • ●     What style will you go for?


This is how our criteria fits together.


How Will You Use Your Patio Table

It’s a good idea to begin with a list of why you want a patio table and how you'll use it. Generally, this comes down to deciding whether you need a table for lounging with family and friends, or more formal dining. Then, this leads you on to thinking about other items of furniture you'll need to accommodate, such as seating. Is a sofa set going to work or, do you favour traditional chairs? Do you need a parasol? Will you be wanting to fit a barbecue in the same space or would a fire pit built into the table work better? So you see, the patio table might be the key piece but don't forget to spend time working out what other accessories will complete your outdoor dining scene.


What Kind Of Space Do You Have?

Time to assess the space you’re planning to furnish: is it a hardwood deck, patio, poolside, or a garden? Each of these outdoor areas has a set of characteristics to consider. For example, if you're working with a space surrounded by a lovely garden, then you might want to consider a rattan table and chairs in keeping with your natural surroundings. A sleek and minimalist style, however, would probably best suit an area just outside a sleek, glass-enclosed interior.


If you're limited in terms of space, then how about multi-function and clever storage options? Dynamic coffee tables can elevate to become dining tables. Or, look at patio tables and chairs that can fold up, stack or collapse. Seating sets with modular sectional sofas will give you the freedom to adapt your space as required.


Finally, what's the best material for your patio table and chairs? At JB, all our furniture is durable but some of it is very lightweight, and works better in sheltered areas rather than very windy conditions. Is sturdy furniture something you should think about therefore?


What Style Will You Go For?

What kind of comfort level are you seeking? Do you want your outside space to be a continuation of inside? Hanging out and enjoying yourself is naturally your primary focus, but do you do it with an elegant wrought iron set or more laid back bistro style?


Your outdoor space should influence the style and shape of the patio table you choose. At JB Furniture, we offer the main styles of patio table - square and rectangular, oval and round. There are no hard and fast rules but the following guidance might help you make the right decision for your needs:


Square Patio Table

Square and rectangular patio tables look great in environments that feature straight lines and box-like shapes. If you're a bit pushed for space, chairs (or benches) can be lined up against walls and fences. This could give you the space to fit a rectangular table which will enable you to seat more people.


Oval Patio Table

If your outdoor space is a reasonable size, and features curves, then an oval patio table might work well. The lack of corners means you can seat more people while maintaining a friendly and cosy setting.


Round Patio Table

Round patio tables also work well in round-shaped spaces. They're a good use of space and can have a more informal feel to them. It's worth remembering that both round and oval patio tables can give you more room in comparison with similar-sized square and rectangular tables.


 Casual sofa dining with a height-adjustable table, gives you complete flexibility.


Measuring A Patio For Outdoor Dining

You know what kind of space you're working with, how many people you can seat, the extra accessories to fit in and the effect you want to create through your individual style. Now let’s get down to dimensions.


It's important that your table is scaled proportionally to your space, ensuring you still have enough room for chairs to be easily pulled out, and for you to manoeuvre around the space. We advise our customers to think about 'flow'; how will your guests move around the space, and access the kitchen inside your house, for example?


As a general rule, you should allow about 75cm either side of the table to allow people to sit down and get up easily from their seat. Then add another 75cm of  'moving room' so you (the host) can get round the table when people are seated. Of course, this is very much a guide; there's nothing stopping you squeezing in a few extra people if you want! You just need that balance of close enough to be cosy, far enough apart to feel comfortable.


It might help to visualise a patio table in place. To do this, measure the space using whatever items you have to hand - get the chairs out of the house if necessary! Another way is to use a sheet or large piece of cardboard, cut and folded to size.


At JB Furniture, we give full table dimensions and the website is broken down into 2, 4, 6, 8+ seater tables.


Furnishing Your Outdoor Space Starts With The Right Patio Table

The growing indoor-outdoor lifestyle has really influenced our desire to eat outside in the UK. Consequently, 'furnishing' your outside space requires you to spend almost as much time as you do on your interior design.

Think about what you need and how it will look. The number of people you can entertain, the shape of your table and where it will be located. Then you can shop online or visit a JB Furniture store and get exactly the right patio table size.


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