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How to Maintain Rattan Garden Furniture

How to Maintain Rattan Garden Furniture

How To Clean Rattan-Style Garden Furniture

It's really easy to clean your rattan-style garden furniture and keep it looking fabulous season after season. The popularity of this synthetic weave furniture is down to its good looks, comfort and styling for every kind of garden or outdoor space. As you'd imagine, it's really hard-wearing, particularly if you follow our simple steps for cleaning and maintenance.


Cover & Clean Your Garden Furniture

Cleaning your garden furniture a couple of times a year will keep it looking immaculate. Dust and debris collect in the weave while food and drink stains spoil its general appearance. Even if you store your garden furniture in a shed or under covers, mildew and algae will gather. A simple cleaning routine, however, will soon get it back in great condition.


How To Remove Stains

First, use a stiff brush to remove loose bits of dirt and food from the weave. Don't be too aggressive otherwise you'll damage the surface. (Synthetic rattan furniture is robust and hard-wearing but it still needs some care.) Next, wipe your furniture with warm soapy water to get rid of any stains. You could use a hose but not a pressure washer as the force of water might harm your furniture.

Finally, rinse the soap away, remove any excess water, then leave the furniture to dry naturally. Ceramic and glass top tables may need an extra polish with a soft cloth.


Cleaning Outdoor Cushion Covers

Your cushion covers will probably repel most dirt but a simple wipe over with a damp cloth should remove stubborn stains. Otherwise, check the instructions to see whether dry cleaning or machine-washing is advised. Then use a stain guard on your cushion covers to help keep them clean.


Which Tools To Use

Assemble your equipment before you start. This is what you'll need:

  1. 1.) Vacuum cleaner with various fittings
  2. 2.) Stiff brush, sponge and drying cloths
  3. 3.) Garden hose (low water pressure)
  4. 4.) Bowl of warm soapy water (no bleach and nothing abrasive)


Repairing Rattan Furniture

Our rattan-style furniture is long-lasting so repairs are rarely necessary. For example, our powder-coated cast aluminium furniture is rust-free so it can be left outside all year round. Any chips can be repaired using touch-up paint.


Protecting Your Rattan Furniture

Apart from cleaning, there are other ways of prolonging the life of your garden furniture:

  1. 1.) Most important, follow the manufacturer's guidelines to comply with the conditions of the guarantee.
  2. 2.) Use cushions - they can protect the garden furniture from sharp objects in pockets.
  3. 3.) To avoid damaging the feet and legs, carry garden furniture by the frame instead of dragging it.
  4. 4.) Use covers for your furniture and cushions during the winter months. Made to order, we provide covers in any size or shape.

The extremes of our British weather, together with regular usage, means your rattan-style garden furniture will attract some dirt and staining. Furniture covers are a great way to reduce the wear and tear from bad weather along with following our advice on cleaning and maintenance to ensure your garden furniture will stay in great condition for many seasons to come.


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