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How To Make The Best Use Of Your Outdoor Space

How To Make The Best Use Of Your Outdoor Space

How To Make Best Use of Outdoor Space

Zoning is about dividing your garden into distinct areas to make best use of your outdoor space, whatever its size. Using garden furniture and clever styling, you can transform your outside into delightful 'rooms' to eat, drink and simply relax.


Create a focal point, such as a 'dining room', then add some smaller areas of interest for reading or snoozing. Pots will help you shape your space while temporary fencing panels can act as screens to divide and zone. The whole effect will be more carefree and easy to change as the fancy takes you.


Dividing Your Garden

Sunny spots, shady areas, patio corners - what do you want to do with your outside living space? Here are 3 garden rooms to plan each with a different furniture focus:


The Outdoor Dining Space

For many people, eating is the most important activity in any garden! You need a flat area, preferably near the kitchen, and large enough to seat family and friends. 

There's a huge range of garden dining furniture available according to space and the effect you want to create. Shape options include round, corner, cube while tables come with glass or ceramic tops. Chairs can be rattan, stackable or armchair style.

Your cooking options are traditional barbecue  - or how about a stunning firepit that changes the mood as the light fades?



The Secluded Spot

Everyone needs somewhere to pause and take a breath. A shady spot or secluded area for coffee à deux? Maybe create an instant outside office - that's real hot desking! Furniture can be a simple table and chairs such as a bistro set. Then, add a piece of sculpture, garden ornament or hanging basket to complete the mood.



The Sun Trap

Find out where the sun hits your garden and that's where you put your sofa set or sun bed. Don't forget some colourful cushions and blankets for comfort. Funky seating is proving popular this year but you'll have to be quick. Stocks of our cocoon egg chairs don't hang around for long!


Create Intrigue by Zoning your Garden

Your outdoor space is for relaxing, taking time out, enjoying good food and the company of other people. Create your different zones with clever garden furniture choices - from formal dining to sofa seating. Accessories and creative styling will help you get the mood right whether vibrant or mellow. It's time to embrace outside living!


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