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How To Secure A Cantilever Parasol

How To Secure A Cantilever Parasol

How To Weigh Down And Secure A Cantilever Parasol  

We've gathered together some important tips on how to secure a cantilever parasol. This type of umbrella is designed to lean but can very quickly topple over in a sudden gust of wind.


Cantilever umbrellas (also known as offset or side-mounted umbrellas) are beautiful, dynamic pieces of garden furniture that seem to float unsupported in the air. They not only provide a considerable amount of shade, they also add an architectural shape that will elevate the look of your outdoor space.


We want you to enjoy your cantilever parasol, safe in the knowledge that you know how to weigh down and secure it effectively.



Cantilever Parasol Wind Problems

Wind can be a problem for all garden umbrellas. Even after securing a cantilever umbrella, the canopy is likely to sway and move a bit in the wind. You just need to be alert to too much movement and take the appropriate action.


For example, depending on the design of your cantilever umbrella, the canopy may even spin if it becomes windy. If your cantilever umbrella doesn't have a mechanism that prevents it from spinning, you can easily do so using rope or bungee cords: simply wrap one cord around the umbrella pole and attach the other one to the top end. Then, tie the opposite end of the second cord to a support beam in the umbrella canopy. The tension should put a stop to it spinning.


It's just a matter of having the right accessories and knowledge.


Is There Too Much Wind For A Cantilever Parasol?

The cantilever parasols we sell are sturdy and made to last. However, there is such a thing as too much wind and closing your umbrella is the ultimate sensible option. The tell-tale signs are:


  •   The frame is creaking or shaking excessively
  •   The open umbrella acts as a 'sail' catching the wind, and starts to lift off the ground


If either situation occurs, close the canopy to prevent injury, and damage to the fabric and the frame of your cantilever parasol.


Which Is The Best Method For Securing Your Parasol?

First, decide how you intend to use your parasol. Will you be leaving it more or less in the same spot, or do you plan to move it to different parts of your outdoor space?


Your decision will determine whether you can rely on an appropriately weighted base, either with or without wheels. Or, do you consider a more permanent option for securing your parasol, such as bolting it in place? Generally this means finding the right spot on your decking, patio or possibly grass. It might also be worth investigating if you can secure a cantilever parasol to your fence or wall.


Here's some extra help on these options:


  1. Getting the right weight for your parasol base

Most of the parasols we sell at JB Furniture, come with the correctly weighted base. If you do buy the base separately, getting the weight right is very, very important. It's a straightforward weight-to-umbrella-diameter ratio of 5 kg : .3 metres. So, if the canopy of your cantilever parasol is 3 metres across, you will need approximately 50 kg of weight to secure it properly.


To help you move your cantilever parasol around, you will need a base with wheels. Sturdy though these mobile wheeled bases are, it's a good idea to ensure there are two of you moving your parasol around, so you're less likely to injure yourself.




  1. Adding extra weight to your parasol base

For extra security, you could add extra weight to the top of your parasol base. Bags of sand or concrete blocks will do a great job to help your parasol withstand windy conditions.


  1. Bolt your parasol permanently to your patio or wall

For a more permanent solution, you can anchor your base by bolting it to your patio, deck or wall:


  1. Measure and mark the exact location you need to place your anchor bolts. (If you are wall-mounting your umbrella, make sure it's level otherwise it may not open properly.)
  2. Drill carefully into the premarked spots. (It's important you're accurate otherwise one or more of your bolts won't be in the right place.)
  3. Remove the dust that's gathered in the holes by blowing air into them or using a damp cloth to wipe them out.
  4. Put the base of your umbrella in place and insert the bolts to secure it.


Knowing How to Secure A Cantilever Parasol Means You Can Buy In Confidence

If you've got the room, treat yourself to a cantilever parasol. Just make sure you take the time to work out the best means of securing it so it's safe and you get the maximum enjoyment of this brilliant garden accessory. You'll find the very best cantilever parasol brands at JB Furniture, including bases, both online and in-store.


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