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Living Room Lighting Ideas

Living Room Lighting Ideas

Living Room Lighting Ideas

Never underestimate the value of good lighting especially in your living room where you spend so much quality time. We've put together these living room lighting ideas to help you make the perfect choices according to your specific surroundings and style of living.


How Do You Light A Living Room?

Lighting can do so much for a room whether you go for modern living room lamps or a more traditional route. Lighting adds atmosphere and character. It draws attention to your carefully chosen interiors and, of course, it helps you see clearly! For this reason, we always advise our customers not to leave lighting to the last minute when they're planning their interiors.


Generally, you have two different lighting options:


  1. A ceiling pendant, chandelier or smart spotlights as your main overhead lighting
  2. Floor and table lamps, and wall lights for ambience as well as 'task 'lighting, such as reading or home office working


Colours, styling and a 'seating plan' are important considerations when it comes to filtering lighting ideas for your living room. Ideally, you want your lighting to blend without matching too well, to enhance rather than dominate. Maybe start by using the colour of your sofa or your curtains as a theme - perhaps the wallpaper or a feature rug will give you ideas.


Here are some lounge lighting ideas, featuring a range of lamps many of which we stock in our lighting department at JB Furniture.


Hanging Lights

Overhead lighting can be at odds with a relaxed setting such as your living room. However, a hanging or pendant light can simply act as a decorative centre-piece.


For example, how about this elegant teardrop pendant or the modern black and copper hanging light - two very different styles of centre light feature, even if you don’t switch them on!

Cluster pendant lights over a feature table


Floor Lamps

If you want to make a statement, then go for a large living room lamp. A floor lamp for example, can draw the eye without overpowering a room. Whilst for a smaller room, choose a floor lamp with a slim base that will still illuminate a dark corner. Positioned close to a chair, it can also light your night-time reading.


Wall Lights

Wall lamps are great for small living rooms, as they don't take up any floor or surface space. In bigger spaces, however, they give you extra lighting options. This metal conical wall light is really flexible: have the bulb facing downwards for spotlighting and highlighting wall art. Facing upwards, it will diffuse light and create a soft glow.


Table Lamp

Table lamps are incredibly useful whatever the size or shape of your living room. They add depth and interest, light up dark corners and are great as task lamps.


Two identical table lamps can really anchor the style of a room. Pick out the colour of a cushion or rug and reflect it in the lamp base or shade. Then, place the lamps on matching tables on either side of a sofa or in different corners of the room.


On the other hand, table lamps give you an opportunity to experiment with different shapes, sizes and styles - no reason why you shouldn't mix ceramic with glass, metal with concrete. Then, add a clear glass lantern for a vintage and coastal vibe.


Light Up The Coming Winter Months

The clocks go back soon so these lighting ideas for your living room should come in handy. Visit us online or in-store so your home brings you all the light you need during the coming winter months.


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