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Our Guide To Buying A Hanging Chair

Our Guide To Buying A Hanging Chair

Buy a hanging egg chair and you'll wonder why it's taken you so long. After all, the original was invented in 1957 by Danish furniture designer, Nanna Ditzel along with her partner Jørgen. The organic shape and use of rattan really caught everyone's attention and, frankly, it's never gone away.


This is our hanging egg chair guide to help you buy one of the 20th century's most iconic items of seating.


Here's Why You Need A Hanging Egg Chair in 2021 


We don't think you need an excuse to buy a hanging egg chair but here are 4 very good reasons:


  1. 1) These chairs are comfortable because their organic shape fits your body. And, it isn't until you sit in a hanging egg chair that you remember how wonderful it is to rock and swing like you did when you were little.
  2. 2) They're great for any size of space because a hanging chair just slots in effortlessly due to their low profile and light nature of the material. Make one a centre piece or hide it in a secluded spot - either will work.
  3. 3) The hanging egg chair is so cool whether inside or outside your home, and you'll find yourself very popular if you do get one. It's a timeless piece of furniture. Though over 60 years’ old, it's still seen as a modern design, giving an immediate sense of relaxation to any setting.
  4. 4) The nature of our modern life means we need every excuse to relax and find ways of lowering our stress levels. The cocoon effect of a hanging egg chair does just that; a feeling of wellbeing and security washes over you as a gentle breeze helps you swing gently to and fro.


Choose A Hanging Egg Chair That's Right For You


You might be surprised at the range of hanging egg chairs available. We suggest you think about durability and function when choosing one to suit your particular needs.


Long-Lasting Design And Durable Material


Choose a hanging egg chair that's made to last. Remember, it's got to withstand both weight and movement so don't buy a cheap one that might collapse after a few swings. Ideally it should come with its own special chair-shaped cushions for total comfort.


We recommend your hanging chair is made of all-weather (and UV-resistant) rattan. Together with lightweight powder-coated aluminium frames, your chair will immediately add both style and comfort to your outdoor space. This year's go-to colour is sandstone which is a great backdrop for whatever level of vibrancy you want to create with extra cushions and throws.


How much does an egg chair cost? 


You can get one for under £100 but, we advise that you spend a little more because you really want this chair to last. As we said earlier, this is a classic piece of furniture designed to give you years of pleasure so be prepared to pay a good price for a good quality chair.


What Style Of Hanging Egg Chair Do You Want?

Monterey Double Hanging Cocoon

Think about the size and shape that'll best fit your space and needs:


  •   Size: how many people do you want to fit into your hanging chair - 1, 2, 3 (yes, there's even a triple seater hanging egg chair!). If you're keen on tucking your feet up, go for a deep-seated chair. Then, if you choose a close weave, you'll be hidden, suspending quietly in your own little world. For easy storage and space-saving there's a folding egg chair which you could also take away on holiday.


  •   Shape: the original hanging egg chair was round which is still a popular shape. Alternatively, the 'teardrop' outline offers a different and elegant style.


  •   Structure: your choice is freestanding or suspended from an anchor point, such as a tree or beam. Essentially, freestanding is easier to move and install while the suspended chair is visually less intrusive and allows you to rotate 360 degrees. Some of the latter come with a base so you can unhook it but still use it as a chair.


Treat Yourself To A Quirky Classic 


The hanging egg chair is a treat you'll never tire of so it's also an investment. Idiosyncratic? Yes, of course. Comforting? Definitely. See it as a gift to yourself for some much needed 'me time' - always assuming you get to it before anyone else! Finally, where to buy an egg chair? Right here.


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