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6 Coffee Tables for Small Spaces

6 Coffee Tables for Small Spaces

The living area is the heart of any home and you want to make the most of the space you have available. However, just because you have a small living room doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a staple piece of furniture like a coffee table.


Anyone researching coffee tables for small spaces is going to be rewarded with a huge variety of shapes, sizes, materials and styles. After the 'big sofa decision', the coffee table is invariably the next item on your purchase list. Coffee tables tend to have a prominent position in the living or family room so it's important to buy one that's exactly right for you, both in terms of style but also function.


We've selected 6 space-saving coffee tables that should easily meet the most exacting criteria.



1. Space-saving coffee tables have their work cut out 


The term ‘coffee table’ emerged in the 1950s following the invention of TV yet its purpose stays the same. The purpose is to be low enough to not block the TV even when covered with glasses, the remote and everything else.


Your coffee table can even double up as a temporary desk or even a dining table according to your lifestyle and the size of your space.


The coffee table for the small living room definitely has its work cut out so we've focused on just 6 styles that have style and function at their core.



2. We've filtered your coffee table choices for you 


Size is definitely key to help utilize your space to fit your needs. Our choice of 6 tables are all round so they are an easier fit in your living space. Ultimately, we zeroed in on functionality, style and material. The coffee table has its work cut out so we have focused on just six styles that have both style and function at their core.



3. The elegant and functional space-saving coffee table


Just because you need a multifunctional coffee table doesn’t mean you have to compromise style, in particular elegance. You can have a coffee table that is chic and elegant yet still functional.


First off, the Black & Copper Wood & Iron coffee table. This table is a beautiful combination of black matte metal and rose gold mirror. This simple classy style will help give a luxurious feel to your living area. It has a simple profile and, at 76cm diameter, it's big enough for at least 3 people to sit round and enjoy a meal. This modern coffee table can be folded and stored flat so it's both portable and space-saving.


Next, take a look at the Smoked Grey Mirrored Glass & Metal coffee table for a real 1920s glamourous Hollywood feel. This table will definitely become the focal point in your living room with its vintage design.  This elegant and class coffee table has a curved design and is crafted in mirror smoke and features rectangular beveled glass edging. It's a statement table for sure while the reflection from the mirrored glass will make your space seem bigger and brighter.


4. The coffee tables that suit your style and fit your small space


Regardless of what style you want your room to be albeit contemporary, traditional or quirky it’s also key to avoid making your space look cluttered. Ticking all these boxes is the Antique Silver Metal Clock coffee table. This table is a beautifully quirky piece for your living area. It's made of metal and glass so it isn't weighty in appearance. The 'wow' factor comes from the visually arresting and fully working clock that's set into the glass top!


Alternatively, for a spirit of Scandi, we've chosen the Natural Wood & Iron coffee table. It comes in a lovely light grey oak and white colour. The ultimate in minimalism, it folds away so this really is a space-saving coffee table. This table has a clean and modern design which makes it an ideal piece for anyone who wants a contemporary feel to their living area.


5. The choice of material matters with a small coffee table


The kind of material you choose for your coffee table can help you maximise your small space and really get the most from it.


An Antique White and Cream Washed Wood coffee table will contrast well with darker and richer hardwood and laminate floors. This coffee table would make a lovely accompaniment to any living area with it’s white and cream wood finish. It has a floral design carved into the wooden top which is just detailed enough to complement any nature-inspired design while adding a flourish to your environment.


For a chunky presence, we love this Hammered & Polished Aluminium coffee table. It's a real statement piece but it's also easy to move thanks to the it’s shape and lightweight metal material. This coffee table will definitely stand out with its eye-catching and unique design. The aluminium finish means that this is low maintenance table and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.


6. Find your perfect space-saving coffee table


Having a small space is clearly not a drawback when it comes to choosing your ideal coffee table. Aluminium, wood, chunky, slim, quirky, elegant - your search for the perfect coffee table for your individual smaller space starts here. A coffee table is another chance to add some extra style to your living space. 


Don’t miss out on the many benefits a coffee table can bring to your living area. There is a coffee table for everyone no matter what your style.


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