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The Best Garden Furniture To Leave Outside

The Best Garden Furniture To Leave Outside


The Best Garden Furniture To Leave Outside

The best garden furniture to leave outside is made from long-lasting materials such as synthetic rattan, powder-coated aluminium and teak.


All-weather garden furniture means you can enjoy eating and relaxing in the open air all year round (just don't forget the warm blanket and an umbrella). It might also be more convenient to not have to move and store your outdoor furniture. For example, this Four Seasons large corner unit can be ready and for you to use at any time of the year.


We've put this guide together to help you make some good buying decisions so your outdoors is ready for you to enjoy at a moment's notice.


Choose All-weather Garden Furniture

Although there's an incredible choice of garden furniture online and in store, not all of it is strictly 'all-weather'. Some may require additional treatment to make it more durable (wooden furniture, for example) so it's important to be clear about your options:


Synthetic Rattan Garden Furniture

Furniture made from synthetic rattan is considered to be the most weatherproof. It's comfortable, stylish and retains its excellent looks year after year, thanks to its durable qualities that require the minimum of maintenance.


'Cane', 'rattan' and 'wicker' are all terms used to describe the same natural product grown in South East Asia. At JB Furniture, we stock natural rattan for inside (eg conservatories) and synthetic rattan for outside. Synthetic rattan is durable against frost and cold weather so that it won't go brittle or snap. It's also waterproof which ultimately will prevent it from rotting. High-quality UV resistant synthetic rattan will also withstand hot sun so it really is 'year round' furniture.


Powder-Coated Aluminium Frames

Our rattan garden furniture has powder-coated aluminium frames to prevent rust and corrosion, even in harsh and damp conditions. Aluminium is hard-wearing and has the additional attraction of staying cool in the sun.


Other metals, such as iron and steel, also make stylish and very strong garden furniture but they will rust when left outside in damp conditions. Iron furniture is also very heavy, which makes it difficult to move around so leaving it outside all year round seems the easier option. You can of course coat your iron furniture in a rust and corrosion-resistant paint, but this will have to be done regularly and it's not guaranteed to prevent all-weather damage. Finally, steel heats up quickly and can be uncomfortable to sit on in hot weather - unlike aluminium.


Great-looking, all-weather furniture is ready for your enjoyment all year round.


Garden Furniture Made From Wood

Wood is a popular choice for garden furniture. Teak, for example, is very hard-wearing but make sure  that it’s sealed to preserve the colour so it won’t need oiling. 


Other kinds of hard and soft wood are also used for outdoor furniture, such as eucalyptus, oak, pine and cedar. However, this wood cannot be left outside without additional treatment because the damp will cause it to rot, snap and crack. Wood also gradually loses its colour when exposed to direct sunlight. There are plenty of wood treatments, such as oils and sealants, which can be used to protect wood but this has to be carried out regularly, and storage under cover is still necessary.


Fabric Seats And Cushions

Many of our outdoor furniture brands use weather resistant fabric for their seats and cushions. Some use marine-grade materials including quick-dry foam filling. It's still advisable to take the cushions and seats inside during really cold and wet weather.


All-weather Garden Furniture Can Always Look Great

At JB Furniture we stock premium weather-proof garden furniture brands, many offering 10 year warranties. If you also look after your furniture (gently brush or wipe away dirt regularly, and use the various covers available), your investment will pay you dividends in outdoor enjoyment. We look forward to you being a JB Furniture outdoor furniture customer!