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The Complete Guide to Outdoor Heating

The Complete Guide to Outdoor Heating

The Complete Guide To Outdoor Heating

Don't let that autumn chill chase you out of your garden! Outdoor heating will keep you cosy well into the evening, entertaining friends and family or just sitting back and enjoying the open air. When it comes to buying an outdoor heater it helps if you understand the different types available and how your particular needs may influence your choice.



What To Consider When Buying an Outdoor Heater

First, what kind of outdoor heating is best for you in terms of fuel type, size and overall design? There's a lot of choice out there but, while you're searching (and before you fall in love with something completely wrong!) just think about these 2 things first:


Fuelling Your Garden Heater

Your choice is between natural gas, propane (LPG) gas, electric, coal or wood. Cost and convenience are the main issues together with the level of heat required. Safety is also an important consideration. From weighting down tall patio heaters to safety covers and auto shut off, there are many different ways you can minimise risk, particularly to children and pets.


Size And Positioning Of Your Outdoor Heater

What are you going to use the heater for and where? Are you planning cosy gatherings of people where a firepit would be the perfect atmospheric focal point? How big is the area - big enough for a a floor standing heater or would a portable one be better? If your space is enclosed then, from a safety point of view, you'd be advised to consider an electric outdoor heater.


Outdoor Heating Ideas

Now that you have a better idea of what you need, there's bound to be something just right for you in these outdoor heating ideas.


Fire Pits, Bowls And Baskets

Fire pits & bowls are the most 'sociable' garden heaters! You can go fior built-in or free-standing, rustic or sleek and modern. They are made from a range of materials including composite, ceramic, steel and cast iron. The fuel source is generally gas (including LPG) for easy ignition or coal and wood for 'DIY' models such as baskets. They won't heat large areas but they can double as a barbecue with grills for cooking.

Built in garden heaters are a simple and effective focal point for your garden. Running off LPG or mains gas, they can be easily installed into a brick or concrete firepit for a permanent source of heat and ambience.


Chimenea Heaters

Chimeneas are 'pot-bellied' ovens invented in Mexico in the 1600s. They were intended for cooking (baking bread) and providing heat which is pretty much what they are used for today. Usually made from clay or metal, chimeneas are a fun focal point for even the smallest of gardens.


Electric Garden Heaters

Like gas, electric garden heaters provide a consistent and usually adjustable level of heat. Your source of energy can be solar and, just like any electric heater, they are really easy to operate and very quick to reach the required temperature. The range of shapes and sizes available is vast including hanging, wall-mounted, restaurant-sized and table-lamp style. 


Looking After Your Outdoor Heater

Looking after your outdoor heater won't take a lot of effort but it will mean they stay looking good and working well for longer. So, when not in use, store your outdoor heaters in a dry place or use covers to protect them from the worst of the weather. Clean wood and coal heaters and anywhere food has been cooked on firepits, bowls, baskets and chimineas. Then, wipe a small amount of oil over any metal parts to keep them free from rust.

Even as the nights draw in, garden heating gives you the chance to continue enjoying your outside space for even longer.



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