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Brand Spotlight: A Guide to Cane-line

Brand Spotlight: A Guide to Cane-line

Cane-line furniture: sustainable long-lasting style and comfort


Cane-Line is a Danish luxury brand with 30 years' experience in designing and manufacturing functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing furniture. Their desire to create a sustainable business that minimises their impact on the environment is both inspirational and genuine. Essentially, Cane-line furniture offers you long-lasting style and comfort with genuine green credentials.


Why Does JB Furniture Stock Cane-line?

The Cane-line garden furniture range ticks every box for JB because their focus is on delivering a high quality service from start to finish. This dynamic Scandinavian brand offers the kind of sustainable furniture range that's effortlessly practical and elegant, with comfort baked into the design.


Cane-line for functional, elegant design

Cane-line is typical of excellent Scandinavian design  in many ways. First by favouring neutral and monochrome colours which are great springboards for your own flourishes and styling. Then, the simple, minimal lines of Cane-line (eg no clutter, no fuss) is also typically 'Scandi'.

Cane-line's garden furniture ranges are bought and used all over the world, under any and all climatic conditions. The strong frames, UV-resistant materials and quick-drying cushions (their own QuickDry&Airflow system) can stay out in glaring sun and pouring rain.


Comfort Is A Given With Cane-Line

Making life more comfortable, by helping you unwind and relax, is very important to Cane-line. They measure comfort in terms of how their furniture supports you either sitting or lounging.


Cane-line dedicates a huge amount of time developing and choosing the right designs and technology for their garden furniture range: careful choice of cushion fillings, attention to shape and dimension of seats. The Breeze sofa sets are great examples of comfortable seating without sacrificing the simple, elegant lines so typical of Cane-line.


Cane-line's Green Credentials

For Cane-line, social responsibility and care for the environment are integral to their core values. They've achieved ISO 14001, a highly rated international standard for environmental management systems and this helps them reduce consumption in their overall production methods. They source their teak from special timber-approved forests under the Indonesian certification scheme, SVLK (Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu). In 2013 they reduced their electricity consumption by 50% and have maintained this level ever since.

Cane-line's Space range features SVLK certified teak, such as this sofa which doubles up as a sunbed.


Cane-line's functional, timeless and socially responsible principles

There's a lot to like about Cane-line as a brand. For JB Furniture, its strength lies in its vibrant and living collection of designs based on functional, timeless and socially responsible principles. One of their design partners, Maria Bernsten, remarks on the brand's "immense focus on high quality, long lifetime, and creating the best possible products for people".


See for yourself how Cane-line suits your particular lifestyle, from classic Nest weave to the minimalist Breeze seating range.


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