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Roof Garden Design Ideas

Roof Garden Design Ideas

Roof Garden Ideas

If you live in the city you might be one of those lucky people with space to create a roof garden.


Whether you're thinking of getting an architect involved with your roof terrace design or planning something a bit more low key and flexible, make your roof space as individual as your home.


What kind of vibe do you want to create? Funky or traditional? Bright and lively or contemporary with calming natural colours? Will your roof garden be themed or simply comfortable and stylish?


Roof Garden Seating

Obviously you need somewhere to relax and eat on your roof garden so getting the furniture right should probably be your priority.


Your choice is huge so maybe think about the type of seating you need. Do you have enough space for modular or corner dining sets ? Or would individual bistro-style pieces fit your space and needs more successfully? Furniture covers and storage mean you can easily pack up your roof garden in readiness for the next season as well as react to our regular summer storms.


Finally, it's important to balance weight with stability. Your furniture might need to be light for structural reasons but it also needs to have some bulk otherwise it might fly away, especially if your roof garden is open to the elements!


Position everything to make the most of your view. You might want to turn your back on the nearby flyover or gas tower but make the most of a cityscape or seaview. There are some striking modular screens made from wood-plastic composite that will not only shield you but also add some interest and texture to your roof garden.


Rooftop Lighting and Shading

Next on the list is lighting - to add drama and atmosphere to your roof garden. Simple strings of fairy lights will help you pick out features such as planters and furniture as well as guide people round your roof area. There's also a huge range of elegant and minimalist garden fire torches and lanterns which can add shape as well as light.


Unless your roof garden is really well protected you are going to experience the extremes of our British weather. So how about parasols for summer and heaters and firepits for spring and autumn?


Bring Your Rooftop to Life

If you're thinking about doing some serious planting then waterproofing, drainage and weight are important considerations. You might want to check your deeds and talk to the planning department before making any serious landscaping plans for your roof garden.


Otherwise, you can easily introduce nature with some lightweight containers and planters full of brightly coloured perennials. Mediterranean and coastal type plants are more drought resistant so they'll be happy in exposed, sunny areas such as your rooftop garden.


Whatever the size of your roof area, remember you've also got vertical space for storage and planting. Hanging baskets or living walls will give you a huge amount of pleasure, colour and even food - herbs, salad leaves, tomatoes, strawberries...


Your roof top garden can be a retreat or a riot of fun so add accessories as required: cushions and throws for comfort, mirrors and clocks for a spot of personality.


Who said you can't have some outside to call your own in the city!


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